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Heckova! is specially formulated to offer the very best in premium quality, full of the nutritious goodness and tail-wagging taste you want for your dog.

We dial up your doggo’s diet with hearty helpings of top-quality chicken from sources raised 100% antibiotic-free.

Our recipes include nutrient-rich veggies and dietary fiber from brown rice to support heart, skin, joint, gut, immune and digestive health.

The highest food safety standards. Period.

Treat, Top, Mix

Tasty Toppers

With Heckova! Treat-Topper-Mixer, it’s easy to add extra taste and nutrition to your pup’s daily kibble. Also a great choice for a high-value training treat.

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Complete Meals

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Our Complete Meals offer the complete nutrition your dog needs. The perfect combo of raw goodness and freeze-dried convenience.

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Single Ingredient Chews

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When it’s chew o’clock, surprise your pup with a premium pick. These single-ingredient chews are rich in protein and easy to digest.

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The highest food safety standards. Period.

Raw food is rich in nutrients, but to be safe for your pup, it needs to be crafted with exceptional care and expertise. At Heckova! we’re proud to uphold the highest safety standards in the entire pet food industry.

Made in a world-class factory in the American heartland.

Every Heckova! product is processed in our state-of-the-art factory in Nebraska. We source the best ingredients in the world so we can proudly make our products right here in the USA.

All the flavor & nutrition of raw. None of the worries.

Our end-to-end purification process eliminates any harmful bacteria while preserving optimal taste and nutrition for your pup.

Feeding Treat
Veronica Padilla

My Frenchie, Roux, is allergic to everything under the sun.

I've tried so many foods, but there are always multiple ingredients that she can't tolerate—which means itchy skin, a bad belly, and, oh the fowl smells. Not any more. We're forever grateful. Happy dog, happy life. Thank you, Heckova!!


Me loves dis yummy food, mom.

Me hops, me snorts and me grunts to letcha know. Sure, me have resting frenchie face on da outside, but me smiling ear to ear on da inside. Dis is good stuff!!

Hungry for more? Let’s dig into the details.

Is the chicken antibiotic-free?

Heck yeah, it is! 100% of the chicken we use in our recipes is from poultry raised without antibiotics.

Does Heckova! contain any fillers?

No way. Take a look at our nice short ingredient lists. You’ll see they only include ingredients that are both recognizable and full of essential nutrients. Nothing weird. Nothing scary sounding.

Are all ingredients sourced in the USA?

All ingredients are sourced in the USA except for carrots.

Who creates Heckova! recipes?

Each of our recipes is developed by our Research and Innovation team, which is made up of highly skilled experts in the fields of animal science, animal nutrition, food science and technology. They have years of experience working in animal nutrition at distinguished companies and are passionately devoted to formulating safe and nutritious freeze-dried recipes.

Where are Heckova! products made?

All Heckova! products are made in Nebraska, USA.

Will my dog like it? Do you perform any palatability or digestibility testing on your products?

You bet we do! Heckova! products are tested for palatability at certified canine kennels/institutions. We use these same kennels to make sure Heckova! is highly digestible.