What's the scoop with Heckova!?

What's the scoop with Heckova!?

Every dog is a heck of a dog. And we’re here to make their days happier and healthier.

At Heckova! we’re committed to helping dogs live their longest, happiest, healthiest lives, making the most of every moment we share. They selflessly give their love, trust and joy to us, and we’re lucky as all-get-out to be able to pamper our precious pups in return.

At Heckova! we do that in two ways...

We create wholesome, raw superfood that locks in all the fresh nutrients dogs need to thrive.

We celebrate everything that makes our unique relationships with our dogs so sweet, funny and endlessly quirky.

Mealtime is about more than just food.

It’s a unique, intense, loving experience for both you and your pup. You know your dog’s wants and needs better than anyone else, so we empower you to nourish your fur baby in the best possible way. And we make sure you have the flexibility to include your pup in every adventure, with food that is good-to-go whenever you are.

If there are no dogs in heaven, then when I die I want to go where they are. -Will Rogers

Heck Yeah Doggie
The highest food safety standards. Period.

Our commitment to safety.

Raw food is rich in nutrients, but to be safe for your pup, it has to be handled with exceptional care and expertise. At Heckova! we’re proud to uphold the highest safety standards in the entire pet food industry.

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